JabRef with other writingsoftware than libreoffice/word

Hi there,

I’d like to write my thesis in a Scrivener-like Writing-Software called Manuskript (Linux).
From there I can export to ODF via Pandoc (and use all the Markdown commands etc.)

Now my question: Would it be possible to write the cross-references JabRef uses in interacting with Libreoffice as sort of plaintext-commands?

I could then write (or copy paste) the reference in Scrivener by hand (i.e. something like { JR_Obama2017_p.23-4 } --> then export to ODF/Libreoffice --> connect to JabRef and simply update the manually written (cross-reference)-fields.

This would be in a way similar to Zotero’s ODF/RTF Scan and would enable JabRef users to use litterally any writing software in combination with JabRef (if they do the intermediary step to Libreoffice)

Sounds great in my head, but is it technically possible?

Thanks and greetings