Downloading PDFs into folders based on groups

I’m wondering, when using the “Search Full Text Documents Online” feature, is it possible to have them into different sub-folders depending on what group they’re in?

I’ve got a .bib file that I store in my dropbox, that I use to sync with my e-reader. I’d like the PDF files stored in folders so it’s easier to find a specific paper by topic on my reader.

So my idea is to take my library, sort it into groups in JabRef, then download the pdfs so I have a nice sorted library in my dropbox.

Is this possible? If not, is there a workaround to achieve something similar?

Looks like there’s an option for “Directory pattern” under Linked Files in Preferences. You can do “[GROUPS:(misc)]” to put things in folders based on groups, with everything else in “misc”.

Note that this only seems to work with groups that are defined by adding papers directly, not by e.g. filtering by keyword.

Sorry for the late reply, am currently a little busy.

So if this works for you and answers your question, i will mark it as “solution” :slight_smile: Is that ok with you?