Add "Related articles" manually

Dear all, I found the “Related article” tab and the functionality provided by Mr. DLib very nice, but how can I relate articles manually?
Is there a way to cite other articles in a bib-file entry, such that Mr. DLib can work with it?

@article {Roweis2006,

related_articles = {vendargh2004, mingh2003},


I am using:
JabRef 5.0-beta.1–2019-12-15–0b8b1d6
Linux 4.15.0-76-generic amd64
Java 13.0.1

Hi Timo.

Currently, you cannot specify articles manually. Mr. DLib just takes the one currently selected article as input and then applies it’s recommendation approach. If we have information beside the “normal” text such as author information or cited articles in our database, we will use that information.

In the long-run we hope that we can optionally allow users to send their entire BibTeX file to Mr. DLib, so that we can create more advanced user models. However, this won’t happen soon, and we would have to think very carefully about how to ensure user privacy etc.


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Just thinking about your suggestion again. I think your use case also should rather be implemented client-side in JabRef, and not really by Mr. DLib. For instance, JabRef could have a function like “add as related article”, and if you then select the “related article” tab, JabRef could simply list the articles that you have listed as such (and maybe additionally recommendations from our server)

Do you suggest that I should open a feature request for Jabref?
The use-case would be obvious and relates to Zettelkasten (sry for german) where one can reference articles manually.

However, Mr. DLib has a nice example which lists related articles from the bibtex file (link).
How does Mr. DLib find these articles? How do I have to extend my bibtex entries for that?


this is already possible, JabRef supports the Crossref fields for linking entries, e.g. a book entry to a collection or similiar:


@Siedlerchr this looks like the solution, but it is a bit limited in the following way (speaking about the “related”-tag):

  • Mr. DLib does not use the fields (at least not for me)
  • JabRef only lists the bibtex-keys, but does not link to it (would be nice to just klick on it instead of searching down the bibtex-key)
  • It seems that automatic reverse relation does not work, which means I always have to relate article A in B and B in A (which is a bit tedious)