Restablishing jabref after breakdown and mainboard exchange

I am trying to get jabref functioning like it was doing for several years: I have saved linked files a to folder O:\Volltext and have them entered into the library relative to that folder e.g.
file = {:orexine\JPhysiol_587_33_adamantidis.pdf:PDF},

Now the files are there, the references are there but I cannot see where the folder and the relation was saved. So far the linked files are useless since I cannot target them via Jabref.

Please help!

I found it in Options->Linked Files->File directory->Main file directory

I think, you can see your chosen file directory from within JabRef, if you open the library, right-click on the library and open library preferences:


Ah nice, that you also found another way :slight_smile:

Btw. in the current development version, a fix for the broken “open folder” (CTRL+Shift+O) right-click menu (was only broken in Linux versions) was finally found and it was fixed :slight_smile: