Linux DEB files for JabRef terribly out of date

I have just downloaded jabref_5.11_amd64.deb from the official jabref download site only to find that the .deb file, despite its misleading title, actually installs version 3.8.2+ds. That antiquated version does not link successfully to Libreoffice 7 on Ubuntu 22.04. Oddly, the linux portable version for 5.11 downloaded from the same repositories works fine and is indeed 5.11, not 3.8.2.
Could the people who work on the releases please look into this and make sure that the “proper” Linux release .deb file actually installs the jabref version it claims to install in its filename?
Failing that, I would find it helpful to have some instruction on how I can incorporate the “portable” version probably into Ubuntu so it’s found on the shell $PATH and or shows up as one of my Ubuntu Applications.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your message.
Can you please check if you actually installed the .deb package from ( dpkg -i /path/to/jabref-5.11-amd64.deb) after downloading the package and not by accident from the debian repository (apt-get install jabref)?
The package in the debian repository is indeed out of date and still v3.8.2. I could not possibly imagine how our build system would create that package. Also the package size (199 mb) suggests, that the debian package is the latest version.
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in addition to @calixtus I checked the contents of the deb file (Dowloaded and unzipped it) and can confirm that it is the correct version 5.11. 60000


Thank you Carl Christian. The problem is indeed that when I open the .deb file with the Natuilus file manager choosing the Software Install GUI, Ubuntu installs a different package. When I install using the command line as you suggested (dpkg -i) all works as it should. I get the up-to-date version that I downloaded and it plays nice with Libreoffice. Thanks again for the quick and very helpful hints!

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