Mac OSX install for JabRef 3.4 seems to be corrupt

The latest stable JabRef release installed version 3.2 instead of 3.4, and messed up a few things. Also there is no older version (3.3) available for installing. Any ideas?

We are aware of this problem and it has already been fixed in the current development versions. We are planning to release a stable JabRef 3.5 version with a fixed MacOS X installer in a few days, however some other issues still need to be fixed.

So you can either switch to a new 3.5dev version - which is available at or you can switch back to JabRef 3.3 which is still available here at

Okay… “in a few days” was a bit too optimistic, but finally we released the next stable version with a fixed Mac OS X installer.

You can find version 3.5 here at

:slight_smile: That’s OK. Great job!