Making Jabref able to publish content on Wordpress

I am very new to Jabref, (currently using Zotero).
I will briefly explain what I have in mind and please correct me if what I am thinking is completely out of the Jabref scope.
I am working on a to-be-website using wordpress. In this website the main content is made of books and articles with their metadata. Unfortunately the interface of wordpress renders the access to and completion of single fields very weary: there is no table-like way to insert data and most of all, the site was not thought with references in mind.

I discovered some time ago that there is a wordpress plugin called zotpress ( that allows publication of zotero content to wordpress.

Unfortunately fields customization in zotero is so limited that zotpress would not work for this site: I would need for example more than one richtext field, some more custom fields and attachment files, such as a pdf and an image fields for example.

I have read on one of your forums that jabref works with sql and I wonder whether that could be the way jabref and wordpress could “communicate”.

So, in short, would there be way to use jabref to publish and modify content on wordpress? Or would you advise to do things in a different way?

Here comes the feature description…

Making Jabref able to publish content on Wordpress.


there is no direct automated way. However, depending on your needs you could create a HTML layout using the custom export format and simply copy pase that html contents to your wordpress website.#
JabRef ships with some simple and a more advanced html layout.

You could insert that then in one of these custom HTML gutenberg blocks:

The SQL Database is used for working collaboratively together from multiple JabRef instances.

Thank you Christoph!

This gives me a lead!

If you can use javascript in wordpress, the bibtex-js module is another option. You simply specify the bib file and this tool takes care of parsing, filtering and displaying the information. See for example for a live version (shameless plug).

Thank You Tobias,
I had a look at your site and your curriculum, very impressive and simple at the same time.

I would be interested in knowing how easy the interaction with Wordpress would be: in fact we have already a design pulling from msql (I suppose), with presently 170 titles. Since some 700 more may come in the medium term, I was wondering whether it would be possible to fetch info with Jabref (I am using zotero and the online KIT Bibliothek ( presently) and then “point” the data (pics, pdfs, biblio ref) to the corresponding slot in Wordpress.

From what you are saying the data with the plugins and the java you are talking about would be pulled from Jabref, what happens then? Does it stay in Wordpress? Can it be updated from Jabre/wordpress? Does css apply anyway? Sorry if I am using very approximate terminology.

The reason why I am asking if it “stays” in Wordpress is that a number of elements of bibliographies are used for internal searches and info rendering in the website, so I guess that I am looking at something that can store the info in Jabref into Wordpress, thuss communicating with its database system, which then in turn can use the info.

If you’re fine with using a mysql database, then you can use JabRef directly to manage it:
(Note however that JabRef expects a certain format/scheme of the database, so there might be some initial work involved in migrating your existing data.)

The approach via bibtex-js would bypass the sql database completely. In this case, the bib file directly serves as the database. Not sure however about the performance with 1000 entries.

Thank you again Tobias!
I suppose that that kind of collaboration (mysql) supposes one username and password shared among different users… Or does each user have his/her own password? I am asking because I would like to decentralize the work of building up the bibliography…