Export a part of my database

Hi there!
I have been using JabRef for 7 years in order to store and retrieve publications I find interesting. I do not use advanced features but find JabRef very useful in my work. The database is stored on the server and everybody can use it to search within the papers, patents, etc. that I have input.
Please note that I have not installed the latest versions, I am using 2.11.1.

I would like to transfer part of my database to someone working in a totally different organisation. Ideally I want to: 1. invite this person to install JabRef if not already done. 2. Perform a search in my database. 3. Export the items that are listed in the search results. 4. Send the resulting database to this person.

I have not succeeded in performing steps 2 and 3. Is that possible? If yes, please instruct me on how do to it.

Many thanks and best-

What is not working with steps 2 and 3?
Does it work for you, at least?


normally it should be easy to just select the items you want to export and then in the menu File->Export selected entries.

Hello mlep and Siedlerchr
Thanks for your replies.
Here is what happens:
1 From the main window I can select items without problems
2. From the file menu I can Select "Export selected entries"
The default setting is *rdf (Bib0 RDF). Writing to you now I have just found that I can select a different file type.
I save it as ExportTest.rdf
3. From the File menu, I use “Open database” and select the newly created ExportTest.rdf file
A new tab is created in the main menu (the tab name is ExportTest.rdf) but the window in empty. The other databases I have created are *.bib files but bib is not an extension that is available during the export process.

–> Is the process correct?
–> Is the extension I used (rdf) wrong?
–> What is the “correct” file type so that the user can open/import it as a new database, or at least easily append it to an existing one (e.g. an empty one)?

Thanks for your help

If you choose “Save selected” instead of “Export selected”, you get a bib file and everything should work as expected.

Export means that JabRef writes the bibliographic information in a file format which is used by a different program. If you have such a file you need to “import” it instead of “open”. “Save” (in contrast to “Export”) writes everything to a bib file, which can then be “opened”.

So you should choose “Save selected” if the person you are sending the file to also uses JabRef (or some other BibTeX-based program). If the person uses a different program, than you might send him a file in the corresponding format using “Export selected”.


Thanks a lot tobiasdiez - this works perfectly!