Migrating my extensive library from Zotero to Jabref

Hello, I am completely new to JabRef and would like to know:

  • how easy it is to import a Zotero collection into JabRef with all notes pertaining to the Zotero collection’s items .

  • if JabRef integrates in LibreOffice Writer (perhaps with a plugin, the way Zotero does).

Thank you.


I don’t know how notes are stored or if they are exported, but just go ahead and export all entries to a bib file and open it with JabRef. JabRef’s native format is bib. In JabRef the comment field would be the way to got. It supports markdown formatting as well.
You might need to configure your file directory if you have pdfs in a certain way organized,

JabRef has native LIbreOffice Writer integration: OpenOffice/LibreOffice integration - JabRef

I suggest you take a look at our docs:
Getting started - JabRef