Manage journal abbreviations cannot be added

I use Manage journal abbreviations, however, it does not work.
For example, I add ICML is short for International Conference on Machine Learning.
The field seems not work in the Journal/Booktitle.

I think a bug was recently corrected in the journal abbreviation management.

You could try the development version from Although they are usually stable, remember to make a backup of your library before trying-out this version.

ok, by the way I find the development version from is not translated as well as the version of 5.2.

This is expected: in the usual development workflow of JabRef, the translation of the strings for the development version will take place when it is ready to be released (as version 5.3).

Yes @mlep is right.

To avoid conflicts and unnecessary work for the translators (some things get removed or renamed), when we are close to a release we will start synchronizing the translations, so that the translators have time to update and finish the translations for the next release.

Note that the 5.3dev has also many new features and some things have been renamed for clarifications etc. So these are not yet translated.