Journal abbreviations are not correct according to ISO 4

I am using JabRef 5.2 on win 10 and noticed that some Journal abbreviations are not correct according to ISO 4. For example:

  1. Nature Nanotechnology: Nat. Nanotechnology (JabRef-DEFAULT)/ Nat. Nanotechnonl. (ISO 4)
  2. Nature Communications: Nat Commun (JabRef-DEFAULT)/ Nat. Commun. (ISO 4).


thanks for your report. All Journal abbreviations are listed here. You might want to check and correct it there to ensure it’s correct in the next JabRef version

@Christoph, thank you for the kind response! is it possible to edit them from JabRef app using options–>Manage journal abbreviations? I tried but looks not editable.

@Christoph, I checked this file " journal_abbreviations_acs.csv" it looks Ok. But this file " journal_abbreviations_geology_physics.csv" has the wrong abbreviations

@Hasan_Al_Shehab Thanks. You can either create an issue there or directly modify and correct the file.

In JabRef you can also add your own journal list:

@Siedlerchr, I am familiar with that but if I add a journal to my list and it is already in JabRef library JabRef will read it from its library, not from my list. How can I make JabRef read from my list and ignores its library, please?

By the way, it would be much more easier for everyone if we can modify this abbreviations through >Manage journal abbreviations, is that possible please?


Please try the latest development version, index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (
there have been some fixes to the journal handling.

Remember to make a backup of your library before trying out the new version.

Thanks a lot @Siedlerchr