Menus do not work in Jabref under Linux Mint-xcfe 18.10

I love Jabref and have been using it for years. Now I am using a Yoga 2 Pro with Linux Mint-XCFE 18.10, with Java: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.2+9-Ubuntu-3ubuntu118.04.3)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.2+9-Ubuntu-3ubuntu118.04.3, mixed mode, sharing). As far ass I can tell I have the latest Jabref. When I open up a .bib database it shows the entries, etc., but I cannot do ANYTHING because the menus do not respond-- the top button changes shade, but the menus do not open.
How do I fix it? I don’t want to have to stop using it!


JabRef requires java 8 and openjfx 8. You need to “downgrade” your java installation. You seem to have java 11 installed.


I removed the java11 from my system, and installed the Webupd8team/java PPA, as instructed in the Jabref site. However, I cannot install Jabref or anything from that PPA-- when I open it with the Software Sources Manager of Mint, it says that its contents is unavailable. I am stuck, javaless…

Hi please check out this guide

Someone must have fixed something, because now I have only java 11 (I was unable to install Java 8-- kept telling me the PPA stuff is unavailable) and jabref works just fine.
Thanks, someone!

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