Import Zotero "notes" to "comments" field in JabRef

I have tried opening and/or importing a .bib file exported from Zotero Beta 5 using BetterBibLaTeX export.
The file opens in JabRef with only a couple of errors but the “notes” field from Zotero is not imported into the “comments” field of JabRef. Notes are included as part of the biblatex source.

Is there some way I can get the Zotero “notes” to end up in JabRef’s “comments” field?

I figured out that I can add a new Tab to the item record and require that Tab to display the field “note” which is exported as such from Zotero into the .bib file.
notes = {Quote: her resolve is to struggle against the government of philosophers, of “those who know over those who do not know.”},

It only works if there is only one paragraph and nothing else (e.g. a headings) in the Zotero note.