Migration from Papers3 app

A JabRef Newbie asks: What is the best way to migrate from a Papers3 database? Ideally I’d like to keep every entry so that it exports the same BibTeX file as it did in Papers3, including citekeys. Ideally I’d like to keep every entry tied to its PDF(s) if any, including Supplements. Ideally I’d like to retain the folder structure from Papers3. I’ve got about 4000 entries. Thank you.


I don’t know if you already use the new papers Readcube app or the legacy papers3 database. Try to export your library either to bib to RIS. (e.g. File-> Export)
This file can then be imported into JabRef.

Then in JabRef preferences set the main file directory to the directory where the PDFs are located.
You might need to adjust the file name pattern for JabRef so that it can find and associate the files.

Would it be possible to share the file with us (you can send it to developers@jabref.org, if you want to avoid making it public), so we also can better help you

Thank you! I have sent you the files you requested by e-mail.

Thanks, I have looked into it and I think the endnote xml export seems to keep the file entries and could be used for importing into JabRef.
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