Minor inconvenience with drop-down menus

Thanks for a great program!

I have a minor problem with the drop-down menus. Sometimes, they are not “sticky”, but collapse immediately after clicking on them, making it impossible to select options. Clicking on the menu button several times usually fixes this, but its a bit annoying.

Maybe it has something to do with the java runtime environment? Im on arch linux, using java-21-openjdk and archlinux-java-run. Jabref installed using makepkg, from here: AUR (en) - jabref.



this seems like it’s similar/the same as Menus from the menu bar close immediately after left click is let go of if the menu bar was clicked in its top half · Issue #5867 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub and yes, that it is JavaFX problem. However, that is already fixed and will hopefully be available with the next JavaFX release, probably around January

That sounds great, thanks!

Indeed, it works fine when clicking in the lower half of the menu buttons :-D.