"Move linked files to default file directory" should have Copy only mode

When migrating from other software, i don’t want the original source to be destructed.

Maybe add a sub-checkbox like one below: “Copy only”?

It makes me sweat a bit noticing the original software stop working and i have to use the backup…


There is the option to use Tools > Copy linked files to folder ...

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They seems to serve different purposes.

The tools -> Copied linked files would only copy files to a folder and nothing more.

The Quality -> Cleanup Entries -> Move files will move the file, and change the file = { } links within the bib file.

I was importing my zotero librarry via a .bib file, which has file links of zotero’s file path. I want to copy them beside the .bib file and have the .bib file correctly pointing to them.

However, i think my original software’s library shouldn’t be destroyed, thus a complaint.

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