Multidimensional table view of up to 4 groups to isolate some papers from recent work

I would like to have a table view (in app and as latex export) of all the papers in four categories. For instance the view

                  group1|            subgr11            |         subgr12
                  group2|       subgr21 | subgr22       |   subgr21 |  subgr22
               subgr41  |       paper1  |               |           |
  subgr31      subgr42  |               |               |           |    paper4
               subgr43  |               | paper2        |           |
               subgr41  |               |               |           |
  subgr32      subgr42  |               |               |           |
               subgr43. |       paper3  |               |           |

for bibtex-keys (paper1,paper2,…) whose papers are group as follows:

   subgroup11. (paper1, paper2, paper3)
   subgroup12  (paper4)
   subgroup21  (paper1, paper3)
   subgroup22. (paper2, paper4)
   subgroup31 (paper1, paper2, paper4)
   subgroup32 (paper3)
   subgroup41 (paper1)
   subgroup42 (paper3, paper4)
   subgroup43 (paper2)

And I want to be able to choose a table cell from the multidimensional table view which is the same as to choose one subgroup of each group, say x=(subgr12, 22, 32, 43), and built up a table view that singles out this cell:

                  group1|           else            |      subgr12
                  group2|                           | else.       | subgr22
                        |.                          |             |
  else                  |       paper1, paper2      |             | paper4
  --------------------- | ------------------------  |-------------|-------------
  subgr32      else     |                           |             |
             ---------- | ------------------------  |-------------|-------------
               subgr43  |       paper3              |             |     x

Please vote if you support this proposal:
* I would like to have this feature, too!
* I don't care.

In case the paper is not listed in a group, you need to make clear that the subgroups of this paper need to be refined. We could put it in each subgroup or display it as rest-subgroup.

I also want to be able to change where which group goes, top or left, first or second.

I cannot make a poll out of it. What is the best way to get acception for this feature?