Open PDF reader on page when clicking on annotation

JabRef 4.0 shows the annotations in a PDF in the “Annotation” tab. If I (double)click on an annotation entry nothing happens. It would be great if the PDF reader opens on the page of the annotation.

Please find attatched some cli parameters of some PDF readers (its of course PDF reader dependend); I did not test them…

Adobe Acrobat Pro=Acrobat.exe, /A “pagemode=bookmarks&page={PAGE_NUMBER}” "{FILE_PATH}"
Adobe Reader=AcroRd32.exe, /A “pagemode=bookmarks&page={PAGE_NUMBER}” “{FILE_PATH}”


PDF-Xchange Viewer=wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Tracker Software/PDF Viewer/PDFXCview.exe, /A page={PAGE_NUMBER} {FILE_PATH}
Gnome Evince=evince, -i {PAGE_NUMBER} {FILE_PATH}

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I guess this has been addressed at Seamless crossreferencing