Open Rewrite Feedback

first of all, cool to see that the JabRef project alive and kicking! I used the tool extensively back in University.
I saw you start utilizing Open Rewrite. I noticed in the rewrite.yml that there are some recipes are configured but deactivated due to errors and some are notes as “need manual action”. Did someone take the time and contribute the feedback to the Open Rewrite community?


thanks for having used JabRef!

@koppor reported a couple of issues with the recipes and other issues at open rewrite, if I remember correclty

Dear @MBoegers,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I am always trying to craft feedback. :sweat_smile: See

As usual, the feedback is: “Please provide a fix. This is an open source project.”. With the “usual” consequences.(You might note that there are still open issues and that the list of my PRs at

is not as long as the list of open issues).

The blocking issue is `` trips up the JavaParser and Gradle/Maven plugin · Issue #4054 · openrewrite/rewrite · GitHub. After this is solved, I will continue filing bugs of non-used recipes. Until then, my focus is elsewhere :sweat_smile:.

If you want, we can start a pair-programming session to fix #4054, that would be great!



P.S.: I also started discussions in Slack. “As usual”, the answer is: Make MWE, file an issue (and please provide a fix).