Organize attachments by "groups" field


I imported my Zotero library to JabRef and now I have such file structure:

files/3010/Building Applications with Scala.pdf
files/3011/Introducing Play Framework.pdf

I want to use “groups” JabRef field as path to attachments (for sync with my e-reader), e.g.:

files/Programming/Scala/Building Applications with Scala.pdf
files/Programming/PlayFramework/Introducing Play Framework.pdf

Can I achieve this structure with standard JabRef tools?

Thank you!

Hi, yes this is possible!

You can customize the file directory pattern and the file name pattern.
The pattern syntax is using the same syntax as for the Citation Key:

I wrote about using groups name in linked files pattern here : The function of copy linked files to folder - #4 by Siedlerchr

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