Parse URLs and check each for full text

JabRef 5.10 retrieves full-text articles from their URL if the entry includes only one URL. However, if the entry includes more than one URL, JabRef does not locate the full text, even if the same URL that succeeds alone is one of included URLs. It would be great if JabRef parsed the URL field and checked each URL until for full text until successful or until all have been tried unsuccessfully.

Note: The URL provided with a bibliographic record is not always the best place to get the full text, and the best place can vary from day to day, user to user, location to location, and whether a human or computer is attempting to retrieve the full text. When I find a URL that works, I prefer to add it to the list than to replace an existing value.

I think the key problem is that the url field is intended to only contain one url.
Edit// Linked files would be probably the right way to add multiple urls

Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks!