JabRef 4.3 --> JabRef 5 - unwanted/missing behaviour

Dear Community,

I am very thankful for JabRef and have been using it for years.

I just updated to version 5 and have two problems:

  • If I drag a pdf file to an entry’s “file” field in the “General”-tab, the pdf file gets renamed and moved. I never ever want JabRef to move or edit my pdf files. In older versions, JabRef would prompt me with a question of what to do. I have searched the preferences but do not find any way to regulate this behaviour. This makes file linking rather clumsy now. Is there any way to set my desired behaviour (add file path to entry but leave pdf as it is).
  • In older versions, if I just dragged a pdf file into jabref, a dialog asking me whether to create a new entry linking that pdf (and using what information) would open. I miss that dialogue - now I just get an entry with (presumably) the same type as the last entry added. Is there any way to revert to the (very useful) behaviour of the older version?

Kind regards and thank you for your help


thanks for your feeedback. Since a while JabRef follows the OS behavior and distinguishes the drag and drop operations using modifier keys.
I just updated the doc to reflect the current options:


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Hi Christoph,

thank you, that helps a lot. Dropping them using the Alt-Key works great :slight_smile:

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