Keep the given name of linked pdf file

I recently upgraded to Jabref 5.0 form version 4. Before the upgrade, I could link a pre-downloaded pdf file to an entry by drag&drop, during which I could choose move or copy the file to my main file directory AND choose to keep the given name or to convert to JabRef-defined file name. In ver. 5.0, there is no such a “option” window. File was simply moved to the main file directly with a converted file name [bibtexkey]-[title]. As I have my own rule of naming journal file names, this forced name change is really annoying.
I couldn’t find any option in Preference. Is there any way to bring back the old behavior?
Thank you.

You can use the modifiers Ctrl and Alt while dropping to control whether the file is moved & renamed (default), copied & renamed or just linked without any renaming.

Hi Tobias,
Sorry that I didn’t notice your reply until today. Would you tell me how to move a file WITHOUT renaming during drag-and-drop? Also, I would appreciate if you tell me where I can find the modifier information.
Thank you!