Question regarding the display format of the group view

Dear all,

I have a question regarding the format of the group view (Alt+3): When I expand a group with numerous subgroups, I’d expect that the upper part of the display will not change and only the lower part of the display should show the expanded subgroups. However, what I’m facing is that expanding a subgroup also modifes the upper part of the display. It’s like a vertical alignment to the center of the subgroup list and not just pull down without changing the other part. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? It’ll be of great help for the usage of my large 12 000 entry database.

Best regards from Berlin, Bernd

Hello Bernd, could you please provide screenshots with A) expected B) reality?

Helllo ThilotE,

thank you for your mail.

For example, I’ve selected the group named Plasma:

When I expand the group, this happens:

So the whole structure is changing. After closing the group, this appears:

I’d expect to go back to the initial display, but this does not happen.

Can you work with this information?

Best regards, Bernd


Yes, thank you, now I understand. Would you mind opening an issue at github and link to this forum post? Your issue sounds like a bug or at least like something that is worth fixing. I fear though, this potentially could depend on default behaviour of JavaFX or one of its extensions that are used by JabRef in the background, but one of the other maintainers with more coding experience might know more.

(Merry Christmas and Happy new year, by the way. Sorry for having answered so late.)