The correct way to replace current records of preprints (say, arXiv) by published articles?

I am a newbie.
I wonder whether I can easily replace current records of preprints (say, on arXiv) by published articles. Now what I do is that I search it in JabRef, then add the published article, and delete the old preprint record, and modify the bibtexkey to the old one (so that when the articles recompile, the old preprint references will be automatically replaced by published references). This is hard and error-prone.
If JabRef supports directly override an existing record with the same bibtexkey, it seems OK. However, I did not even find anything similar to this from Google.


thanks for using JabRef :slight_smile:
JabRef has the ability to merge two selected entries. So you could import the published entry and merge it
(Select two entries, right click merge entries) with the preprint article and choose to keep the bibtex key of the old record.