Save or export selected entries from large bib file


I have a very large .bib file (over a thousand entries) where I keep the references I need for work. Sometimes, I want to save (or export) some of these entries to another file for specific use.

I know I can do this with the “Save selected as plain Bibtex” feature. However, this is a bit cumbersome because my file is very large. When I select entries, I cannot use the search function to get other entries because that unselects the previously selected entries. So right now I have to scroll down the file until I get every entry, and then save.

Is there a way to temporarily put the selected entries into some kind of buffer, or some kind of save/export manager, and then save that? That would be useful to me.


you can easily createa new empty library (File->New bibtex/biblatex library) and just copy paste the the selcted entries from the maintable.

Then you would also no longer need to use the export function as you have your new library directly in bibtex.

Another idea would be to create a group “tobeExported” or whatever and put all entries to be exported in that group and then you can select the group and will see only the entries of the group. Then you could use ctrl+a to select all entries for copy/export whatever


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Thanks, these sound sensible. I will experiment with that.

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