Search within JabRef - Case insensitve?

Good evening everbody,

I’ve a quick question: In my database, there are some keywords from old times written in lower case letters, others in upper case letters. How can I configure JabRef for doing the search case insenstive?

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The search should be case-insensitive by default. Next to the search field there is a ‘abc’ toggle button to make it case sensitive.

Thank you Stefan! Best regards Bernd

Hi Stephan, I am using JabRef on a mac. There are no condition buttons next to the search field. Can you help me with this?

@yilinhuang Hi,

are you using JabRef 5? Then I suggest you switch to the latest development version (will be released as 5.1 soon) as this got recently reworked and the buttons are now again visibnle in the search field.
Previously, you had to enable the autocomplete feature in the preferences first.

You can get the latest development version here:
Please remember to make a backup before you try out the new version.


Hi Christoph, I activated autocompletion. See it now. Thanks!

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