When search, it usually get stuck

Not search a web, but search a paper in local names

hey, ok let’s find out what is happening.

First we need some more details:

  • Your JabRef version and your Operating system → You will find this within the program under Help > about Jabref
  • Precise steps to reproduce the behaviour.
    (If you are insecure about your language skills, screenshots will help a lot!)

When you say, a local name, do you mean a specific language? What did you type in exactly? Is there an error message? What were you expecting to find?

Try to disable autocomplete

win10 64
the newest Jabref

Not sure if this relates to what the OP has posted.

Using JabRef 5.5 under Ubuntu 20.04. I sometimes find that I cannot type in the Search box, even though the menus are responsive. I click on the search box but no cursor appears there.

I have fewer than 4000 references. Thanks

Resolved. When the height of the JabRef window is made small then this problem occurs. Even though the search box then still appears at full height it cannot get focus.

The problem goes away when the height of the JabRef window is increased

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