Select all entries in a group

Could we have a feature to select all entries that belong to a specific group (CTRL+A isn’t working)? This would make the “export selected entries” option much more convenient to use.

What do you mean CTRL+A is not working? It definitely works for me.

  1. Click on a group.
  2. Click on an entry.
  3. Press CTRL+A

→ All entries are selected.

  1. Export selected entries (CTRL+Shift+E)

I’m on macOS Monterey and it doesn’t work (I also tried Cmd+A since it’s the usual command for that). Should I open a bug report then?

@Siedlerchr you are on Mac, right?


Mac user here as well, although I am still on Big Sur.
Sometimes you have to press Cmd + A twice.

Seems like first CMD+A is selecting an author starting with the letter A.

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Yes, I’m on Mac. In my case it selects the first entry in the group (even if I press cmd+A many times).

Can you please try the latest development version? index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (
We recently upgraded the javafx version and it included many mac related fixes as well,
Remember to make a backup of your library before trying out the new version.

I just tried and it still doesn’t work.

Should I open a bug report?

yes please open a bug report at our issue tarcker so we can track this GitHub - JabRef/jabref: Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and biblatex (.bib) databases