Manage Content Selector seems to be broken

first of all: Thanks a lot for this great software. I used JabRef to manage my books during time at university. I now started to manage my own books with it. Its great fun to work with it.

This is my problem:
I installed JabRef 3.4 on my new PC and imported the Bib File of my old Notebook which I allready thrown away. My problem is that with JabRef 3.4 and also after the update to 3.8 i can not Manage my Keywords anymore. I can ad or change Keywords in the Content selector window ui, but when I press apply or OK the changes are lost and not saved to the database.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Best regards

Hi Stephan,

thanks for your report! Content selectors were briefly removed in 3.7 and re-introduced in 3.8, see:

You should still be able to add or change selector keywords in the management dialog, but these changes will unfortunately not be presented in the UI. You need to restart JabRef to achieve this at the moment. To sum up, the following should work:

  1. Manage selectors in the dialog and hit ok or apply
  2. Save the database
  3. Close and restart JabRef
  4. Changes in the content selectors should be visible (new keywords have been added, etc.)

Does this work for you?


Hello Jörg,

thank you very much for your fast response. The described tweak works.

Best regards

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