Send entry and attach pdf?

Dear all,

is there a feature to send/attach also the pdf file via email?
If press “Send as email” just the bibtex entry is automatically transferred to my mail program (IBM notes 11)
but I have to attach the pdf by my own. Is not a real problem, I was just wondering since it would be very convenient for me. I use :
JabRef 5.5–2022-01-17–27a05c7
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 16.0.2
JavaFX 17.0.1+1

Thanks in advance!

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This would be a nice enhancement of the send via e-mail feature, indeed.

  • As a current workaround, maybe you could share your pdf files via drop-box like file-sharing tools (I personally use Syncthing for example), if your use case involves sharing within a trusted environment with a low number of third parties.

  • Another way to make your workflow more efficient is to write XMP metadata to the PDFs, so that your third party does not have to import a library-file AND PDF-file into their library and then to link it, but only have to drag and drop the PDF :slight_smile: