Shortcut key to focus on entry editor's first entry field


On looking through the shortcut keys, when focused on the entry table with no entry editor open, CtrlE (or Enter) opens up the entry editor corresponding to the entry. Is there a keybinding that one can press to quickly navigate to the first required entry field? At present, after pressing CtrlE (or Enter) from the entry table, while the entry editor does open below, it is unclear where the focus is to me. As a result, I end up having to use the mouse or else press the Tab key an unspecified number of times to get focus to the bottom entry editor panel.

Once within this entry editor, is there a keyboard shortcut that moves to the same position in the entry editor of the next entry? At present, I hit CtrlE, to close the entry editor, then use arrow keys to move to the next entry and press CtrlE again to open the entry editor corresponding to this new entry. I thought the following would work: “Entry Editor, Next Entry, Alt + down” and “Entry Editor, Previous Entry, Alt + up”, but pressing these takes one to the search panel on top.

Thank you.

ETA: The above problem is in JabRef 5.7–2022-08-05–73c111c Windows 10 10.0 amd64 Java 18.0.2
JavaFX 18.0.1+2, if that is of any help to replicate the issue.


for the focus on the first field in the entry editor: I found this old issue where the opposite behavior was wished…Some tabs in entry editor steal focus from the main table · Issue #2254 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

For the other thing:
Entry editor open and focus on the main table works with up/down going through the entries. But I don’t know how if there is a shortcut for leaving the entry editor and focus the maintable again.
Does sth like ESC key work to get the focus back on the maintable?