Show entries by title and other fileds

Hi. I have installed the version 5.0, but the view showing authors, title and other nice fields were removed. So, I installed the version 4.3.1, which was perfect for my usage. However, the views remained lost.

Looking into this figure ( in the database bibliografia.bib there is a view at the top, that shows group, file, linked_id and others fields, but not authors or title or key for instance. How can I organize this fields in the view in my way?

thank you for the help

Could you please elaborate this a bit more (for version 5.0) ? Are you refering to the entry preview? That has been integrated as Tab or as panel in the entry editor

The switching back to 4.3.1 is a known issue, it can be fixed by resetting the preferences.

Hi Christoph, thank you for the help. In version 5.0 there was the same problem in the figure. I will try on a new machine version 5.0 in the future.