Status of 4.x Release

What is the current status of the 4.x release?

Please don’t take my question as pressure! :wink: Just want to know: Why does it take so long? What are the main problems? How can I help? Is there a list of need-to-fix-before-release-issues?

We are currently in the process of finalizing a third beta release - which should be more or less the state that will be released as 4.0.
So we won’t add any more (big) features but solely concentrate on fixing reported issues.

Thus, 4.0 can hopefully be released soon…

Btw at GitHub it is possible to see all issues that are still be resolved for a 4.0 release here:

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And to add: The only thing that is missing for the third beta-release is the new file annotation tab. Hopefully that should be ready soon as well.

Once the beta is out, you can help us by testing it, in particular the new entry editor. When we’re halfway sure that there are no terrible bugs left, we’ll release 4.0