Strange characters in the User Interface


It’s my first topic in this forum.

After install JabRef 5.3 on my MAC 10.13.6 and the UI show the text with strange characters.

Attached to this text, a capture of the IU with the problem.

Thanks for your help.


Could you show us your set preferences under Options>preferences>general and also maybe under library>library properties?


Please check your encoding settings in the Preferences, and maybe you need to install and try out a different font

I remember that earlier MacOS versions had problem with this,


Here the preferences/general tab. As you can see, it’s the characters of the application, not these of the bibtex files.


Mhm are you using the UTF(4) encoding intentionally? I think UTF8 is the standard nowadays for most applications. I would try that.

@Pablo1 It’s been some time, but I was searching for another issue and stumbled across this thread java - Why JavaFX application and scene builder is showing garbled text? - Stack Overflow

The problem might be coming from the Font Segoe UI font which is damaged or corrupted.
You could try to reinstall that font