Support of import pattern for abbreviated journal names

Currently (Jabref 4.1), there is no way of using abbreviated journal names in the filename format patterns.

Our import default PDF file link action is currently set up like this:

Filename format pattern; [bibtexkey}
File directory pattern: [journal]/[year]

It would be very nice to have an option here to use the MEDLINE or ISO abbreviated journal name, e.g. by using [journal:MEDLINE], since our current directory structure is set up this way and currently we have to manually move files around during import of new PDFs into the database.

as JabRef uses for the filename format pattern now the same layout definitions as the bibtexkeypattern, this should already be possible, if you look at that example here. But I don’t know, if this is ISO or Medline aware. From the code It looks like the first character of each word is taken for the abbrevation.

@Siedlerchr: You are probably referring to: “journal:abbr”, which would convert the name “Journal of Fish Biology” to “JoFB”, but this is not a standard ISO 4 or MEDLINE (which is essentially ISO 4 without the dots) abbreviation and in fact quite useless since it is hard to infer the journal name from acronyms of this kind. What I meant was something like “Journal of Fish Biology” => “J Fish Biol”

Okay, thanks for the information. I will have a look if I can integrate the formatters for the key patterns as well

Thanks, that would help a lot! Since the conversion is already available in JabRef, it should be a matter of calling the right function and introducing something like “journal:isoabbr” & “journal:medlineabbr”


Progress is tracked here. And in general you are right, the functionality is already there and has just to be implemented /called at the right place. However, there are currently some architectural code constraints which need to be solved to have the feature available. Unfortunately solving this needs some work.
The Progress of the implementation can be followed here.