Timestamping lost! How to get the feature back?

For years, Jabref set automatically a timestamp when importing a citation. This feature has been lost with the last update. How to get it back?

BTW the documentaion in the JR 5.5 can not be accessed???

It works for me, when I import by DOI in

JabRef 5.6–2022-03-10–749b6b2
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 17.0.2
JavaFX 17.0.2-ea+3

  • What kind of method do you use to import a citation exactly? There are multiple that could be termed “import”.

  • What web-page or button are you refereing to when you say “documentation in JR 5.5 cannot be accessed?”

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I am used to ctrl-N and doi or PMID.

when in Help->docOnline:
I was wrong. I missed the info-tree on the left screen side. Sorry for the noise!

See also Issues in entry creation workflow with Jabref 5.5 - #5 by ThiloteE
for info about creationdate syntax. It follows ISO 8601.