Unable to open on Jabref on Windows 10 64-bit Machine

Hi all,

I was using Jabref smoothly, but after I update my Java environment. When I click on Jabref it does not start.
I was using Jabref 4 64-bit for windows.

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.


Chances are that you upgraded to java 9. JabRef not yet works with this new version and requires Java 8. If a downgrade does not solve the starting problems, then try to run JabRef from the command line and report the output here.

Hi Tobias,
Thanks for replying, on my query.
I try to run JabRef from the command line with Java 9 installed on my machine. Please find the screenshot of the error I received.

Ok, I will downgrade Java 9 to 8 and share accordingly.


Hi Tobias,

I downgraded my Java environment to 8, JabRef runs smoothly now.


Hi John. Good to hear!