Upload PDF Files too

I am currently on the search for a go too citation tool for my master thesis and in general for my coworkers in general. We usually cite some general papers and would like to have a central place with all of them saved and easy to reference by. JabRef does have most of the needed feature, except that we can’t share the PDFs using jabref, but would have to upload them separately into a cloud or something similar. Is there any means to achieve this using jabref? The proposed way using the database only syncs the meta data, but not the PDF file itself. Embedding a WebDav URL would also be handy, so it can be stored in a nextcloud folder or other self hosted cloud storage.


The simplest solution would be to set up the file directory to point to the local Nextcloud folder for each user.
JabRef uses relative file links were possible and can autodetect unlinked files.


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