View Entry Cleanup Changes?

When I select Cleanup Entries, the status bar updates to tell me how many entries needed to be cleaned up. Is there a way to see which entries were changed (and how)?

If not, can this be added so I can be sure the cleanup took place as I’d hoped (and didn’t break anything in the process?

Right now this is not possible, which is why I move your suggestion to “Feature Request”.

Excellent, thanks for the reply and move. I’ve added a poll so it behaves somewhat similar to feature request posts.

  • Yes, I want this feature.
  • No, I don’t want this feature.
  • Don’t care.

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This is just a messy workaround that may only work for people with some experience in software development: If you have your bibliography under version control, say in a git or svn system, it is normally very easy to see the modifications in the diff view of your version control system. At least that is how I am doing this at the moment.

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As an ad-hoc alternative, you can manually save the cleaned-up database with a new name and then run diff on the two database files.