What should I do if I want to rename my bib file

Dear everyone,
I did not add bib suffix to my bib file’s name before. For example, one of my bib file’s name is ‘manual’. Now, I want change the name to ‘manual.bib’.
I found that there is another file named ‘manual.bak’ in the same direction. I do not know the function of this file.
My question is can I just rename my bib file to ‘manual.bib’? How should I treat the file ‘manual.bak’. Do I lose some information if I just rename my bib file in the file folder?
Thanks very much in advance!

Renaming your file manual into manual.bib should be safe.
The .bak file is for backup, just in case something goes wrong (e.g. JabRef crashes).

Thank you very much!
So, I think I can just simply rename my bib file. After that, I can delete the bak file as it will regenerate in the later which follows the new bib file name.
It seems very easy.

Exactly, its as easy as you describe it. Just rename the bib file - no further changes needed.

Thank you very much! That is great. I like easy things.