Why was the "mark specific color" option removed?

This tool can make the library very intuitive, I don’t see the meaning of removing it.
Or, there is any other tool which has similar funnction?

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Groups can now be colored. Thus the idea is that you create a group, assign it a color and then the corresponding entries are highlighted (with a colored bar) in the maintable.

Thus, you no longer need to remember the semantics of the colors (was blue or red the color for ‘I should read this article’??).

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“mark specific color” disappeared in the 5.0 version, Please call it back

ok, maybe I am not familar with the group color.
actually, I use the “mark as color” to mark the articles with different color according to their importance, so I can clearly see what the different level of importance of articles in different group.

This is still possible. The new strategy is to create additional groups (say a parent group called “Importance” with subgroups “High importance” and “Low importance”). Then you can give these groups the colors that you would normally use for the mark up feature. If you then assign an entry to the group, they would be colored accordingly.

Same requirement. This is quite visually useful and to mark the important references

Thanks for the hints. I’m also badly missing the “mark as color” thing.
I tried the coloring via groups, but this approach has two major drawbacks compared to the “mark as color”: a) the color is only seen in a small rectangle instead of coloring the complete entry and the entry is not automatically shifted up. b) Adding or removing entries to a group involves more steps than doing the previously marking with just a right mouse click.

You can simply drag and drop entries to a group.