Wrong Encoding for XMP Import

currently I’m facing an encoding problem when importing xmp data from local pdf files. Both for the drag and drop and the “search for unlinked files” option cause a mismatch encoding. My UTF-8 xmp data is treated with latin-1 / iso-8859-1 encoding. This way all german Umlaute are shown incorrectly.
My main bib-encoding is set to utf-8.
How can you ensure that the xmp importer uses utf-8 and not latin-1 as encoding?

I’m on the latest main build Jabref 5.8

Is the PDF you are experiencing the issue with confidential? If not, could you share it with us so that we can create a test case and include that in JabRef’s code? - If the PDF is confidential, we need to try to create a “public” PDF by ourselves. Maybe with LaTeX?

Sure. The file is available at https://pdfhost.io/v/I7gCvO7Tk_This_is_a_Test_of_Umlauts
The title looks in Jabref like this “This is a Test of äüö Umlauts”

Thanks I could confirm this as well, mac’s preview show the correct meta information: