Zotero -> JabRef drag and drop

I have been using Zotero to get entries together with full-text PDF from journal websites. This works marvelously, and is the only reason I use Zotero. Then, I drag them over to JabRef which allows me to import the entry and PDF together.

Before JR 4, I was offered an option what to do with the PDF: I then chose to rename it and move it to my centralized PDF directory (out of the Zotero storage folder). Now, I no longer get this dialog, and I have to first move, then rename manually.

Ideally, there would be an option to do the moving and renaming of any PDF attached to an entry automatically, when dropping it. I did not find that in the Preferences. Is there a way to streamline my workflow?

You can run a cleanup operation Move + Rename Files on several selected entries

ok thanks this could be a workaround. should i file a feature request for the automatic pdf move+rename?


I just remembered this issue and it’s already possible- It just depends where you drop your pdf.