Dialog when dropping a PDF onto an entry removed?

Hi all,

I recently installed JabRef 4.1 (had version 3.8.2 before) and I’m missing the dialog which appeared when dropping a PDF file into the file field of an entry.

The dialog asked me wether to link the file, if I wanted to move it (to the main file directory) and if it should be renamed (according to filename format pattern).

Was this removed or am I overlooking a preference?

If it was removed is there a workflow similarly convenient? I found two context menu entries to move and rename, but it’s a lot more clicks and won’t show me the result before applying the operations.


you have to drop the file on the entry in the maintable. then the dialog appears and you can choose to rename or move the file.

If you drop the file directly in the entry editor under general->file field then the file will simply be attached.

Furthermore you also have the Cleanup operations in case.

Thanks, I could have sworn it always worked that way… user error all along.

Is the automatic selection wile dragging a file new? Maybe that frightened me and caused my to subconsciously change my default behavior. :wink: