Field content selector broken

(Oriel3) #1

Jabref 4.3.1, OpenSUSE Linux 15.0

I am using the field content selectors (Wortauswahl verwalten) in order to define a set of keywords that I want to use. This helps making the keywords homogeneous and avoiding synonyms. I assume that is what the selectors are for. They used to work just fine. Now they are broken. There is a post on this from 2016: Manage Content Selector seems to be broken. The problems:

  1. When I try to enter a keyword in a file that contains keywords, then the menu pops up so that I cannot see what I am typing.
  2. The poping up keyword list ist not alphabetic order but in the order in which they happen to be written in the bib-file in @Comment{jabref-meta: selector_keywords: …
  3. I cannot add new keywords to the list. When I try to add a keyword via Extras > Wortauswahl verwalten, and klick ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ the key word is not added. Same in a bib-file that before contained no selectors.

Is there a way to make the selectors work again?

(Christoph) #2


please try the latest development version from here:
Remember to make a backup of your bib file before,

content selectors in the entry editor are working through the autocomplete dialog (ctlr+ space) to open the popup.

But the manage content selector dialog is broken, I filed a bug for this.
The dialog is still a dialog with the old GUI technology and needs to be converted. It’s one of the few dialogs that have not yet been converted.


(Oriel3) #3

Thank you, I shall try that – or wait for the next version!