JabRef 3.7: content selectors vs. auto-completion

First of all: Thanks a lot to everyone who contributes to the development of this great product!

We removed the customizable “content selectors” since they are replaced by the auto-completion feature

Regarding the new version (3.7.) I have a question: How exactly does the auto-completion feature replaces the functionality of the content selectors. I found the content selectors very helpful considering consistent keywords in a shared database. When adding a new entry, one could select keywords based on a alphabetically sorted list. New keywords could be entered by any user. This system ensured consistent use of keywords throughout the database. If one for example has the keyword “software” in mind and finds “SW” in the list of available keywords, one would use “SW” and thus “SW” would (hopefully) always be used.

Is there a comparable functionality based on the auto-completion feature?
Is it possible to only edit the list of words used by the auto-completion feature manually?

Just found this subject which addresses the same issue.