Content selectors are removed


The content selectors for other fields have also disappeared. In version 3.6 I was using content selectors for “affiliation”, “booktitle”, “journal”, and “keywords”, none of them are working now. I also noticed that the content selector jabref-meta data was deleted from the .bib file when I updated to version 3.7. Was the content selector feature removed on purpose?

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Yes. But as already other people have complaint about the removal. We’ll work on reintroducing them in the next release. The issue is already tracked here at GitHub: Customizable drop down menus for general fields are gone · Issue #2221 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub


I have the same problem. Sorry for the kind of double post, next time I will look for new posts before opening a new thread;)

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Content selectors are halfway back. Can you please try out the dev version available at and see if it works for you (please use a backup of your bibfile). Please report if it works for you or if something breaks.

Currently, changes to the content selectors in the GUI (new keywords, etc.) require a restart of JabRef to become visible. If the current version works, it will go into JabRef 3.8, which is planned for release next friday. We would then fix the update of the UI later on.

As JabRef 3.8 is now released I mark this as solved.