Importing a library from Bibdesk

(Tom Wyatt) #1

Hi, I have a library of several hundred references that I made using BibDesk. i.e. it is a .bib file.

Should it be possible it be possible to import this into JabRef? I have tried using ‘open library’ but this gives ‘Status: Opening: …bib’ for a long time with no change. If I try ‘Import into new library’, I similarly get ‘Status: Importing in unknown format’ without change.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Since you already have a bib file, the “Open library” should work.
To find out what is wrong, I suggest you start with a small portion of your file.

(Tobias Diez) #3

Usually, parsing errors are also reported in the error console (accessible via the “Help” menu). If nothing helps you can also send us your file to and we will have a look and debug the problem.

(Tom Wyatt) #4

Thanks a lot the error console pointed me towards the problem!