"The library has been modified by another program"


I am always getting this message after saving the library in Jabref. I have the choice to “Dismiss changes” or “Review changes”.

I don’t understand it and frankly it is quite annoying. Can I turn it off somehow?


Please provide information on your JabRef version. Which version are you using? On which operating system?

This was a problem in earlier versions of JabRef, but (supposedly) had been fixed in more recent ones.

I’ve just faced the very same issue today. Even if I restarted my computer, and jabref was the only open application. Even if I accept the changes, and save the database again, the same messages pops up and I have to accept the very same changes, I’ve already accepted.

JabRef 5.2–2020-12-24–6a2a512
Linux 5.4.0-66-generic amd64, (Xubuntu 20.04 LTS)
Java 15.0.1